Alexandra Pexider

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Hi, I’m Alexandra Pexider, a Freelance User Experience Designer based in Austria.

About me

I am passionate about designing for emotions. I develop and execute intuitive concepts and create meaningful experiences for digital products and services.

– Alexandra Pexider –


“Without empathy, there is no solution.”

- Nicole Riesenberger, UX Researcher

User Experience Design

I create holistic concepts, emotional designs and delightful experiences that people are happy to use.

UX Mapping

I reveal customer behaviors, mindsets and emotional motivations and define opportunities to satisfy customer needs.

Expert Design Review

I evaluate existing digital services, identify significant strengths and weaknesses and define areas for improvement.

Get in Touch

I am always excited for new projects and partners. So, hit me up with an email or just just say Hello.

Alexandra Pexider
Experience Design & Consulting